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Frequently asked questions

How do I take BioSil OYG?

The recommended daily dose is 2 capsules per day. Take with water: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. BioSil On Your Game can be taken with or without food. BioSil is also not on the stomach and does not interfere with food or other medicines or food supplements.

Can I trust the clinical studies on the formula of Biosil OYG?

The effects of BioSil OYG on joints have been clinically proven in double-blind placebo controlled studies.
Such studies are the highest standard of research you can conduct. In addition, there is a huge difference between "clinically proven" and "clinically tested". Any product can be tested in a clinical environment, but only those products with statistically significant results should use the phrase "clinically proven". BioSil OYG is clinically proven in double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

Does Biosil OYG have side effects?

No adverse side effects were reported in the BioSil OYG clinical trials. BioSil OYG is a very safe natural product that does not interact with other medicines or dietary supplements. The only contraindication where BioSil OYG should not be taken is in case of renal insufficiency.

Doesn't my body produce enough collagen itself?

From the age of 21, our body produces less collagen. From that moment on, the production of collagen decreases by 1% each year. Since collagen is the most important component of joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments, it is extremely important to maintain or supplement your collagen if necessary. BioSil on Your Game is your ideal partner!

I am a vegan/vegetarian. Can I take Biosil OYG?

BioSil OYG does not contain any ingredients derived from animal products. The capsule casings are also made from vegetable ingredients. Vegetarians and vegans can take BioSil OYG without any problem.
Biosil OYG also contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colourings.

Can I skip Biosil OYG for a day?

The daily dose of BioSil OYG that we recommend for its effects on the joints is based on facts and conclusions gathered from clinical studies in humans. A lower daily intake has not been studied. Forgetting BioSil OYG for a day is certainly not a disaster and collagen production will recover if you take BioSil OYG again regularly after a few days.

How long can I take Biosil OYG?

For optimal results you can keep taking BioSil OYG for as long as you want. There is no need to increase the dose as you get older. Clinical studies have shown that the results are already noticeable after 12 weeks of regular intake of BioSil OYG. Customer reviews show that some feel a good effect after just a few weeks.

What is Biosil OYG? Is it a medicine?

BioSil OYG is a dietary supplement and not a medicine. It is approved by the legal authorities and therefore has a NUT number. The ingredients are clinically proven to help your body re-create collagen. BioSil exists in the form of capsules. Recommended to take twice a day. It is produced in Belgium.

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